NEW! HD Hard Cases

HD Hard Cases by loadedgear

The new HD series of watertight hard cases by Loaded Gear™ feature edge-to-edge crushproof protection. These strong cases are designed for protective storage and transport of equipment – HD Hard Cases

New! AX Rifle Cases

AX Rifle Cases by loadedgear

The new AX series of hard rifle cases are designed to protect your rifles and guns. Available in three new models of protective hard cases available for handguns, shotguns, short rifles and long rifles – AX Rifle Cases
Also Available AX Gun Cases

Hard Camera Cases

Hard Camera Case
Loaded Gear™ has designed the new HD-300 to be crushproof and watertight . This protective design is ideal for storing SLR cameras and valuable equipment –
HD-300 Camera Case

AX-50 Gun Cases

AX-50 Gun Case
The new Loaded Gear™ AX-50 hard gun case is designed to safely store one stand full sixe hand gun and ammo magazine or two subcompact handguns
AX-50 Gun Case

HD Pro Travel Cases

HD travel Hard Cases by loadedgear

The new HD Pro travel hard case by Loaded Gear™ features edge-to-edge crushproof protection, travel handle and built in solid wheels– HD Pro Travel Hard Cases

HD Large Utility Case

HD-400 Large Utility Case
The new HD-400 watertight hard case is designed to protect large valuable equipment. The HD-400 utility case is designed to be crushproof
 Large Utility Hard Case