Prepping 101: Two Minutes to Midnight

I find it shocking that the least popular articles in this series are always about the threat of nuclear war. Because from a purely survival standpoint, nuclear war is the only scenario that will most likely result in the actual post apocalyptic society for which we are all preparing, a society in which survival will truly be of the fittest, and of the most prepared. Nuclear war is also the most likely scenario of where our current international disaster is headed, and I’m not saying this to be alarmist. If you look around the world right now, clashes are ramping out of control in nearly ever corner of the globe. World currencies are competing for who can devalue themselves the quickest, because of un-repayable debt, and America is being shut out of world trade deals, because everyone but Americans now understand that our reign is over. If you were an American power broker, wouldn’t you say it’s about time to pop a nuke or two and get the world back in line with American values?

Biometric Gun Safes

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The Spear Camera Goes Hog Hunting [VIDEO]

This GoPro camera was just drafted to be a spear-pro camera.

Watch as this camera equipped spear takes down a big wild boar.

This piggy went to the freezer.

Spear hunting is a tough sport that requires a lot of practice. This hunter is well trained and has equipped his spear with a GoPro camera.

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From above the group of feeding wild boars the hunter carefully takes aim. With one perfect throw the spear is on the way. The quick travel and impact on the wild boar is recorded on the camera. A mortal hit is achieved.

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GoPro cameras have been used in about every sport. We are sure the makers never imagined it strapped to a spear though. Great shot and we bet the bacon was especially good on this harvest.

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[VIDEO] Amazing 3D Animation Shows Exactly What Happens To A Round When You Pull The Trigger

The good stuff begins at 1:26 into the above video. While this is an advertisement for a specific bullet, we’re sharing it because it shows an amazing 3D rendering of what happens inside the casing of a round as it’s … Continue reading

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Duck Hunting is the Best Medicine for Wounded Warriors [VIDEO]

Ducking hunting saves lives. Banged up combat veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan discover the healing power of the great outdoors while chasing waterfowl.

Freedom Hunters and Duck Unlimited team up with Paul Bonderson to provide a once in-a-lifetime duck hunting opportunity for our Nation’s finest at Bird Haven Ranch.

Every 65 minutes a combat vet takes his or her own life. That’s 22 a day. The goal of Freedom Fighters is to provide an outlet for our heroes to relax and be at peace. This Bird Haven hunt does just that. Located in California’s famed Central Valley, the Ranch is a ducking hunting paradise.

This type of program shows the importance of outdoor sports, and makes me proud to be a duck hunter. Many thanks to Freedom Hunters, Duck Unlimited, and Paul Bonderson for reaching out to these guys and helping them.

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Canadian Supreme Court Quashes Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Gun Crimes


This week, in the matter of Regina v. Nur, the Canadian Supreme Court ruled as unconstitutional a statute that required mandatory minimum sentences for firearms possession crimes. The law, Section 95 of the Canadian Criminal Code, was passed in 2008, reports Jurist. According to CBC News, the act was part of a ‘tough on crime’ package backed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government . . .

The law required that individuals convicted of possession of a prohibited or restricted firearm with ammunition would be subjected to a minimum sentence of three years in prison for the first offense, and five years for subsequent offenses.

Canada’s Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin, the author of the opinion, allowed that in many cases, the punishment would be appropriate for a firearms crime, but that in some “reasonably foreseeable cases,” the application of the law would be cruel and unusual. She even offered up some examples of the sort of unintentional infractions that would require a three year sentence under the statute:

A person inherits a firearm and before she can apprise herself of the licence requirements commits an offence. A spouse finds herself in possession of her husband’s firearm and breaches the regulation. We need not focus on a particular hypothetical. The bottom line is that s. 95(1) foreseeably catches licensing offences which involve little or no moral fault and little or no danger to the public. For these offences three years’ imprisonment is grossly disproportionate to a fit and fair sentence. Firearms are inherently dangerous and the state is entitled to use sanctions to signal its disapproval of careless practices and to discourage gun owners from making mistakes, to be sure. But a three-year term of imprisonment for a person who has essentially committed a licensing infraction is totally out of sync with the norms of criminal sentencing set out in the s. 718 of the Criminal Code and legitimate expectations in a free and democratic society. As the Court of Appeal concluded, there exists a “cavernous disconnect” between the severity of the licensing-type offence and the mandatory minimum three‑year term of imprisonment (para. 176). Consequently, I conclude that s. 95(2) (a)(i) breaches s. 12 of the [Canadian] Charter [of Rights and Freedoms].

Ms. McLachlin wasn’t finished yet, though. “The government has not established that mandatory minimum terms of imprisonment act as a deterrent against gun-related crimes…. Empirical evidence suggests that mandatory minimum sentences do not, in fact, deter crimes.”

The opinion also provides some context for the case. The defendant, Hussein Nur, was charged with carrying a “22-calibre semi-automatic with an oversized ammunition clip [sic]” in a neighborhood that “had very high levels of crime” and in which “[g]un violence was a serious problem.” The gun is a “prohibited firearm” under Canadian law. Although he was part of a group of men who scattered when police approached, “Nur was not found to be involved with…threatening behavior, and it was not clear when, or for how long, Nur came to possess the loaded handgun.”

Although I hesitate to offer an opinion on matters of Canadian politics and law, I’ve generally had a good impression of Mr. Harper. He has perhaps been one of the most firearms-friendly Prime Ministers that Ottawa has seen in quite a good many years, and anyone who can tick off Life of Pi author Yann Martel by simply doing nothing is okay in my book.

Still, I’m glad that the Canadian Supreme Court ruled as it did. Mandatory minimums, particularly for mere possession crimes, are a shortcut for lazy politicians; a way to claim that they’re “doing something” about crime, when in fact all they’re doing is guaranteeing a life-shattering prison sentence for innocent people who unintentionally cross the wrong boundary line possessing the wrong piece of equipment with no ill intent. To make it worse, the politicians backing mandatory minimums for mere possession of a prohibited item tend toward the conservative end of the spectrum — people like Harper in Canada, or Reagan in the United States.

Finally, this isn’t the only firearms-related decision from the Canadian Court in recent weeks. In March, the Court rebuffed an attempt by the provice of Quebec to gain access to whatever data remained in the now-defunct Long Gun registry so that the province could start its own registry.

Stand on guard, O Canada!

(Hat tip: John A.)

DISCLAIMER: The above is an opinion piece; it is not legal advice, nor does it create an attorney-client relationship in any sense. If you need legal advice on this subject, you are strongly urged to hire and consult your own counsel. This post is entirely my own, and does not represent the positions, opinions, or strategies of my firm or clients.

(Hat tip: John A.)

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The Steyr AUG M3 A1–A New Take on the Old Bullpup

Although the Steyr AUG’s design is over 40 years old, its innovative design and futuristic looks are almost timeless and would not look too out of place in the hands of a sci-fi star trooper. Looks aside, the AUG continues to define the bullpup rifle.

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Military Connection: Paving the Way to a College Education


By Debbie Gregory.

The Regents of the UC education system if California have decided that military veterans and their dependents who are UC students will be able to pay lower in-state tuition, even if they were previously ineligible.

The change in policy came in response to a federal law that was enacted last year.  Aimed primarily at improving Veterans’ access to health care, the law allows any Veteran who has served at least 90 days of active service to pay resident tuition rates in any state within three years of leaving the military. It also covers spouses and dependent children of Veterans meeting certain criteria.

The federal law applies to any public college or university receiving federal funding through the Post-9/11 GI Bill.   The 10-campus UC system received at least $30 million in those federal grants for the education of about 1,400 veterans and family members in the 2013-14 school year, officials said.

UC regents said they wanted to accommodate military families whose duties often move them so frequently that they do not have the chance to establish residency long enough to qualify for in-state discounted tuition. And they said they wanted to honor the service of military veterans.

UC officials said they did not know exactly how many students will directly benefit from the more lenient policy, but they hope it encourages more of them to attend UC.

While in-state undergraduates pay about $12,200 for tuition (excluding room, board and other costs), out of state, including international students, pay approximately $23,000 on top of that.

Financially independent adult students usually need to have lived in California more than a year, and show intent to become permanent residents to qualify for the lower tuition. Younger students face higher thresholds of proving they have been living on their own income for several years.

Student Veterans have spent their military careers defending the United States, so it’s important to welcome them back to the United States with the American dream: decent housing, a top quality education, wherever they would like to study, and ultimately, a great career.

Military Connection proudly serves those who serve in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Guard and Reserve, Veterans and their Families. We are the go to site for Veteran Employment and information on Veteran education. provides Veterans with and Directory of Employers, a Job Board, information on the Post-9/11 GI Bill, and a blog that offers Veterans boundless information. Be sure to visit, the go to site.

Military Connection: Paving the Way to a College Education: By Debbie Gregory

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Latest Australian Gun Grab Effort Defeated


Reader JH writes:

Australian firearms owners scored a resounding victory in response to a Senate Inquiry that attempted to place blame on them for a perceived increase in firearms crime as we reported last week. The Senate Committee report entitled, “Ability of Australian law enforcement authorities to eliminate gun-related violence in the community,” initiated and chaired by Australian Greens Senator Penny Wright last October after a siege in Adelaide, unanimously found that . . .

“1.158 Claims made in the media by the Chair, which The majority of Senators attending the inquiry believe are not substantiated by the evidence, include:
• most illegal guns are not trafficked into Australia, but stolen from registered owners;151 and
• many illicit firearms are actually stolen from legitimate sources or taken from the grey market, including the gun used in the Sydney siege.152
1.159 The hypothesis that illegal guns are mainly stolen from registered gun owners was not supported by the evidence presented to the Committee.”

The report went on:

“1.155 No case was made to the committee for any increased regulation around gun ownership laws. In particular there was no evidence to show that:
• banning semi-automatic handguns would have any material effect on the number of illegally held firearms in Australia;
• stricter storage requirements and the use of electronic alarm systems for guns stored in homes would have any impact on gun-related violence; and
• anomalies in federal, state and territory laws regarding the ownership, sale, storage and transit across state boundaries of legal firearms has any material impact on gun-related violence in the community.”

Of the eight committee members, six agreed to the findings with only Ian McDonald and Senator Wright objecting.

The committee heard evidence from a range of sources including Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, Victoria Police, New South Wales Police, Australian Federal Police, Australian Institute of Criminology, leading Australian criminologist Dr Samara McPhedran, Sporting Shooters Association Australia, John R Lott Jr and the Attorney General’s Department. The committee also received over 400 submissions from the public and numerous organisations, the overwhelming majority from firearms owners.

A day after the final report was released, Senator Wright took to radio to spout the usual claim that the “Senate inquiry had been hijacked by the gun lobby” and made sure to invoke that bogeyman term as much as she could.

Who is this Australian gun lobby? Hardly anyone it seems. Firearms owners in Australia are currently represented by a loose collection of sporting, hunting and collecting organizations, the largest of these being Sporting Shooters Australia, who are funded by their own members. The National Rifle Association and Gun Owners of America do not have chapters in Australia last time we checked. Compare this with the monetary and political clout of Gun Control Australia and the bias becomes obvious.

The committee also heard testimony from renowned gun grabber Roland Browne of Gun Control Australia. This organisation, which has never released the records of just who it’s members and donors are, but somehow manage to receive more airtime than pro gun groups, were soundly rebutted by Senator McKenzie in a memorable exchange. Gun Control Australia were also at the center of controversy last year, when it tried to claim that a woman in Sydney who killed her father in 2010 did so by buying an automatic handgun (which are illegal in Australia) without a license at a firearms dealer.

The first ten seconds of their own video release (which was promptly pulled), clearly showed the factually correct account that she stole the semi-automatic pistol from the pistol club she was a member of. A glimpse of the response on their facebook page, (523 members, 522 of them firearms owners) tells the story. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. It’s clear that Gun Control Australia are that bad at lying that even Penny Wright can’t save them.

In perhaps the pick of the action, Wright took to her own facebook page on 10 April and again on 13 April, to try and claim she was never targeting legal gun owners even though the Greens Policy page says otherwise. Wright even tried to individually respond to the Facebook comments, some of her responses have to be seen to be believed for their ridiculousness.

Not surprisingly, the report also churned a number of biased hit pieces in response. The pick of these, being this blatantly misleading effort from “The Saturday Paper” writer Debra Jopson.

Among the most laughable claims:

Ms Jopson also states: “Hundreds of hunters and shooters sent individual missives into the inquiry’s inbox, as their peak bodies urged them to impress with sheer weight of numbers.”

Yes, how dare they exercise their rights to object. Also:

“Wright had to settle for a majority report written with Labor’s Joe Ludwig, Catryna Bilyk and Jacinta Collins, knowing that the two Liberals would produce their own dissenting version.”

Senator Joe Ludwig was the only other Senator to put his name to the report. Because two out of eight equals anmajority, right? A simple Google search of “Debra Jopson Greens” reveals not one but four articles spruiking Greens initiatives and writing for the Green Left weekly. Hardly a conflict of interest.

On a positive note, the report recommended:

1.224 The majority of Senators attending the inquiry recommend the Commonwealth review its contribution to firearms regulation in the context of the Reform of the Federation White Paper.

1.225 The majority of Senators attending the inquiry recommend State and territory governments investigate avenues to decrease regulation of the firearm industry to ease the economic burden on governments, industry and legal firearm users.

Mr David Hawker, who also gave evidence before the committee, suggested Australia move to New Zealand style gun laws. We can only hope this generates momentum for some much needed firearms reform and common sense in Australia.

Our kudos to Senator David Leyonhjelm and Senator Bridget McKenzie, both lifelong shooters and firearms owners, for standing up for Australian firearms owners. And kudos to Australian firearms owners for standing up for their own rights.

And we recommend Senator Penny Wright get some counselling. Or at least some tissues. Or her facts straight.

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Teaching Kids About Gun Safety [VIDEO]

Teach kids gun safety sooner than later.

When did you learn about gun safety? It’s an extremely important ongoing learning process and practice for everyone.

This dad does a great job of presenting gun safety for kids, but everyone should listen.

Gun accidents happen, but a lot of them are related to lack of knowledge and experience. This dad is taking proactive measures to teach his kids about gun safety.

Gun safety is something for all parents to consider, even if there isn’t a gun in the household. At some point, your child will come across a gun. When that happens, they will know the proper way to handle (or not to handle) a gun.

This family creates learning opportunities while still having fun shooting.

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FAIL: The Most Epic Boat Launch Ever [VIDEO]

This absolutely has to be the best boat launch of all time.

When this truck gets stuck, everyone comes to help.

This means everyone else gets stuck too.

The video starts out with a bunch of guys trying to load a boat on a trailer. The major problem is that the truck hauling the trailer is swamped in the surf.

Then here comes the cavalry. With a total of three trucks and two tractors the melee continues as they all get stuck in the waves too.

In the end, they all make it out. This most epic boat fail video is complete with all the action of the best comedy movies out there.

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